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Imagine one year from now having an income stream that could replace your full time income. A business that you started part time that could provide you with the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of, having the income and time freedom all of us desire.

If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and go to work... This maybe for you.
In this book we will take you step by step on how to start a business part time that can grow into a full time income in one year. This is a proven system that is working for people all over the world.

A Successful business can afford their owner's the following benefits:

⦁ More Time With Family
⦁ Not Living Pay Check To Pay Check
⦁ Funding Child's College Tuition
⦁ Buying A New Home
⦁ Being Able To Help Others
⦁ Take A Dream Vacation
⦁ Financial Security
⦁ Retiring Early 

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or a lottery ticket to fast cash Then This Is Not For You! Close this book and keep looking.

The Unfortunate Truth

Most people today find themselves in one of three difficult situations!

1) You Can Have A Lot Of Money And No Time!
2) You Can Have A Lot Of Time But No Money!
3) No Time And No Money!

Do you find yourself in one of these situations?

The unfortunate truth is that most people do find themselves in one of the 3 situations above!

Most people do not have enough money to be able to save for retirement, buy a house and go on yearly vacations. They are struggling to pay their bills every month living paycheck to paycheck.

The price of housing and rent are going up year after year. Inflation has been driving up food costs year after year.

Americans’ total credit card debt continued to climb in 2017, reaching an estimated $905 billion — a nearly 8% increase from the previous year — according to a NerdWallet analysis. And the average household that’s carrying credit card debt has a balance of $15,654.

Experts say this the 'new retirement age — and it might make you cringe - 70 or later!

Nearly 80 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, according to a survey released by CareerBuilder.

The results:

● 78 percent live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75 percent last year.
● 81 percent of women live paycheck to paycheck vs. 75 percent men.
● Nine percent of workers making $100,000 or more live paycheck to paycheck.
● More than 1 in 4 do not contribute to savings each month.
● Nearly 3 in 4 say they are in debt; more than half think they always will be in debt.

Most people stay in a job for DECADES that they hate, and have not started their dream business because of the fear of the unknown and excessive start up costs. Most people are having to go to a job they hate 5 days a week and living for the weekends, they would like to be able to spend more time with their kids.

They Need A Plan B!

Do You Have A Plan B?

Okay let's get into the recipe for a successful business.

                                  5 Ingredients For Business Success

What does it take for a small business to become successful?

It takes hard work, persistence, determination, perseverance, and drive to achieve a high level of success.

People, Process and Product!

Here are five ingredients that make a small business successful.

1) People

If you want your small business to succeed you need an outstanding team. A business can accomplish amazing things when it has leadership and a team who are inspired, hardworking and believe in the companies business mission.

2) Plan

Just about everyone in the business agrees that having a plan is important. And that doesn’t have to be a big formal business plan document. It can start small and may grow in time. it is essential to establish responsibilities, set goals, and track performance.

You will also need to answer key questions, such as:

Have you identified your target customers?

What problems are you trying to solve for them?

What will be the most effective marketing and promotional strategies?

3) Process

To meet customers expectations it’s crucial that you have a full and clear understanding of your company’s processes and have the right systems in place.

4) Product

One of the most important ingredient in a successful business is having an in  demand hot product or service in a growing industry. You need to ask yourself, does your product solve a problem? Is there something that is out there that your product does in a different way? Is there a demand for your product?

Success in business requires doing something you’re passionate about that fills a need in the marketplace.

5) Profit

When it comes to measuring a successful business, profitability is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Starting and running a successful business can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. You as a small business owner should never stop learning, innovating, planning and growing

Why Do So Many People Want To Buy A Business Franchise?

It's Because It's A Done For You Business Model, That Has A Proven Successful Track Record.

The franchisee generally receives site selection and development support, operating manuals, training, brand standards, quality control, a marketing strategy and business advisory support from the franchisor.

The Problem:

A Franchise Is Out Of Reach For Most People, In most cases they cost from $35,000 up to Multi Millions of dollars to start.

Okay, If I can't afford to quit my job to start a business and I don't have enough money to purchase a business what do I do?

You will need to find a business that meets the following.
Business Requirements:

You need to ask yourself Can I Do This? Do I have the ability to do this business, is it something that i can learn to do easily.

Do I want to do this? Do I want to have the benefits that a successful business could offer me in my life, such as additional income and the time freedom to be able to enjoy it.

Do I have time to do this? Could I start this business part time and work it in my spare time.

Can I afford to do this business? Is the business affordable to start.
You must be able to answer Yes to All the questions above for a business that will work for you.

You will need to find a Proven Done For You System Similar to a franchise without the high cost of a franchise.

In order for you to be able run a successful business online you will need a Hot Consumable Product(s) that your customers will continue to order from you month after month.

You will need:

⦁ A Hot Product
⦁ Multiple Website(s)
⦁ Multiple Website Capture Pages
⦁ Order Processing
⦁ Payment Processing
⦁ Customer Service
⦁ Shipping & Receiving
⦁ Automated Follow Up System
⦁ Back Office And Accounting
⦁ Training Is Included!

You are probably asking yourself where am I going to find a business with a hot consumable product in a growing industry. A business that I have the ability to learn easily, with a proven done for you system. A business that can give me the money and time freedom that I am looking for.

The business would have to work around your schedule. It would need to be something that you could do in your spare time and it must be affordable to start. The system would need to be simple to run and it must be already done for you.

Before we get into the how to put this business to work for you, let's talk about a few things. This plan requires that you work this business part time for one year and at the end of one year, you could have a business that can replace your full time income.

In order to be able to acheive the goal of a full time income in one year and the time freedom that you desire, you will need to put a few things to work in your business.

The Power of Residual Income
The Power of Leverage
The Power of a Team
The Power of Duplication
The Power of a Done-For-You Business System

The Power of Residual Income
Residual Income vs Linear Income

Linear income is directly related to the number of hours you work. If you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours of work. Residual Income: Unlike a paycheck from a job, when you develop a “residual income” you don't have to start from zero every week, or every month.

Linear Income is trading time for money. It is the reason most people are not and never will be financially independent. Linear Income, also known as work income, means you receive a paycheck based on how much work you do. You need to put in a certain number of hours every week. When you stop working, your income stops. Linear Income requires continued work. Residual Income is different. It is the most powerful and profitable source of income. Residual Income is the income of the rich and investors. It is a source of income that keeps coming in on a regular basis, from work you do once, meaning even when you are not working.

Residual Income requires effort, determination "especially in the beginning..." and some time for the magic to start working. There is nothing wrong with having a Linear Income. It is considered to be an honourable form of earning a living. Some people can earn good money. Hourly wages can run from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars an hour. However, Linear Income is limited to the number of hours worked and only provides an income when you work. In other words, when you stop work, it stops.

​​Residual income in Network Marketing is income you continue to earn based on efforts you put forth initially. This income is based on the sale of products and services. And, these products must continue to generate repeat sales. This is one reason why “consumable” products are the most effective in Network Marketing.

The Power of Leverage

The Power of Leverage… Leverage is a powerful tool in network marketing.
What Is Leverage?

Archimedes once said “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world”.

Leverage is an incredibly powerful online wealth building tool. It is difficult for an entrepreneur to build wealth without it.

Most people are familiar with the financial leverage used in real estate transactions. Where you are able to control a large financial asset with relatively little of your own money.

If you bought your home and the timing was right, then you could conceivably turn a small amount of money, your down payment, into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars when your property appreciated and you sold it.
Another way that businesses use leverage is through hiring people to work for them. While the employees are trading one day's work for one day's pay, the business owner is leveraging his employees' efforts and getting paid on the cumulative and synergistic work of all of the employees. It is impossible to leverage your business if you are the only one doing all of the work.

The Power of a Team

​Network marketing businesses give the average person access to the power of leverage to amass great wealth by working with a large group of people who each do a little bit over a period of time.

John Paul Getty, American Billionaire said it best; "I would rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts." Think about that statement and you will understand that being involved in a business model that allows you to leverage the efforts of others to earn you money is a great place to be.

As you build a team of like-minded individuals, collectively your efforts are benefiting the entire team. For some they would rather have 100% of their own efforts, but do some simple math here and you will see the significance of leverage. 100% of 1 person is of course 1 person. Now instead of 100% of 1 person, make that 5% of 100 people and what do you get? You get the equivalent of 100% of 5 people! Not to mention the added benefit of not relying solely on one person for all your income.

If you solely rely on yourself for your income and something were to happen to you, who would generate the income your family needs? Yes we have insurance for these circumstances, but you can now see that there is a way you can generate the income you want even if you are not physically working! That is leverage at its best. That is leverage within a network marketing opportunity.
A team of people will always have the capacity to accomplish more than an individual can. The power of leverage is there for everybody to use.

The Power of Duplication A Done-For-You Business System

To be successful online you will need an online marketing system and state-of- the art success tools to give your online business every opportunity to succeed.

Multiple Website(s)
Multiple Website Capture Pages
Order Processing
Payment Processing
Customer Service
Shipping & Receiving
Automated Follow Up System
Back Office And Accounting
Training Is Included!

Okay,  review our successful business requirements:

Can I Do This? Yes, this is 95% Done For You Business, That Anyone Can Learn To Do Easily.

Do I want to do this? Yes, I Want The Benefits That A Successful Business Could Offer Me In My Life.

⦁ More Time With Family
⦁ Not Living Pay Check To Pay Check
⦁ Funding Child's College Tuition
⦁ Buying A New Home
⦁ Being Able To Others
⦁ Taking A Dream Vacation
⦁ Financial Security
⦁ Retiring Early

Do I have time to do this? Yes, You Can Start This Business Part Time And Work It In Your Spare Time.

Can I afford to do this business? Yes, You Can Get Get Started For Under A Hundred Dollars.

Okay, you are saying to yourself I know I can do this since it's a 95% done for me business systen that's easy to learn. I do want the benefits that go with owning my own business. I can work this around my schedule part time and it is affordable to start.

But, WAIT! Does This Business Have A Hot Consumable Product In A Growing Industry A Product That Customers Will Continue To Order From You Month After Month?

The Answer Is YES!

You can cash in on the this emerging $7.1 Billion Industry that according to Forbes magazine will hit $22 Billion by 2020 and blow past $50 billion by 2026!
And This Is Only One Of Our Hot In Demand Products...

Check Out Our HOT Products And Find Out What People Are Saying About Them!

              Our Products   

But, WAIT! Does It Include A Done For You Online Business System And State-Of- The Art Success Tools? The Answer Is YES!

It Includes The Following:

Multiple Website(s)
Multiple Website Capture Pages
Order Processing
Payment Processing
Customer Service
Shipping & Receiving
Automated Follow Up System
Back Office And Accounting
Training Is Included!

Our Done For You Business System!

This is a fantastic way to earn additional income. What you make depends on what you put into it. So you are in control!

Most businesses require purchasing and carrying inventory. Most people do not have the time for all of that labor-intensive work:

checking orders, collecting sales tax, remitting tax, invoicing, chasing people to pay invoices, shipping.

This business does not require any of that. The company carries the inventory, proccess orders and proccess payments, handles customer service, shipping & receiving, and accounting. They provide you with Multiple Websites, Multiple Capture Pages, and training is included.  Best of all they give you this Free when you become an affiliate.

Once you join and become an affiliate with our company you will get our blueprint for success.

                The MOST POWERFUL SYSTEM In The Industy!


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While you have been reading this book and on the free tour, We have been building beneath you. Yes, you read that right. While you have been on the tour, our team has been building your team as part of a binary compensation plan (one of the 8 ways you get paid).

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                                                Why My Daily Choice 

My Daily Choice

Hempworx is a part of a larger organization called My Daily Choice (MDC). MDC has been around for several years with much success. When you join Hempworx, you actually join MDC and have access to all the other products as well. The best part? Since MDC is a generic entity, it allows for them to add other products. Whereas most direct sales companies have 1 product line, MDC can be a variety of things and grow with time. Smart move in my view. The owners really know what they are doing and it shows. I personally believe that they will watch hot markets and enter new products when appropriate. As an affiliate, you can sell the other products if you choose to. This gives you more opportunity!


I can't sell anything that I would not personally use or a product that I do not believe in. Hempworx's CBD oil is hemp-based, pure CBD oil. Check the ingredient list - there are no fillers or additional ingredients. Hempworx products are also non-GMO, use the whole plant, and organically grown in Kentucky. Hempworx products include either 500 mg or 750 mg CBD oil (both fill spectrum and THC free), CBD oil (in bacon flavor!) and treats for pets, Hempworx Relief (topical pain rub), Hempworx Renew (anti-aging cream), and Hempworx Revive (anti-aging). The main focus of Hempworx is to share these products!

Growing Market!

It is no secret that the CBD oil industry is growing. Recent reports indicate that the cannabidiol (CBD) market is estimated to grow by 700 percent by 2020, and a report by market intelligence firm Hemp Business Journal projects that the CBD market will grow to $2.1 billion by 2020 (, an astronomical jump in value compared to last year's CBD market of $202 million." And that is not the only source. Check the internet and you will see many similar statistics from a variety of sources, including Forbes.

Product Transparency

Hempworx believes in transparency. Every batch of product produced is sent to a 3rd party testing site before it is packaged and sent to customers. According to Hempworx, "This is the Hempworx commitment to you. A product you can count on each and every time." To take it a step further, Hempworx publishes its 3rd party testing and documentation to the public. This includes gas chromatography, certificates of analysis, potency, and antimicrobial tests.

Excellent Compensation Plan Opportunities

As mentioned below, no income is guaranteed. Affiliate income is dependent on individual effort and can vary from person to person. With Hempworx, you get a business-in-a-box and they have a lucrative compensation plan. It is hard to describe here as you can get paid 8 different ways and potentially earn up to 85%*.

Click here for copy of the compensation plan.

The Hempworx Free Tour and Marketing System

Hempworx allows you to take a free tour of a temporary back office so you can see how things work. It also contains tons of info and videos on the company, comp plan, products and so much more. This is helpful and really appreciated by most people! Hempworx also sends out emails with the link to the tour so that you can log-in later and check things out. It has the contact email of your success coach, so you can reach out if you have any questions!

This is one of my FAVORITE things about Hempworx; it is automated! As a sponsor, this takes the work out of having to do it yourself. Hempworx's automated marketing is genius! AND, most importantly, it takes the pressure off the prospect! People interested in Hempworx can get the link, sign up for the free tour and take their time to check things out. Then they can come back to me with a list of questions. My job is to answer them and give them the info so they can make the best decision!

Your Upline helps you grow your business!


At My Daily Choice and Hempworx you do not have to build a team. It is totally up to you. So if you want to sell and not build, that's ok! You choose what you want to do and you can always change your mind.

                                            It's TIME To Create
                                      YOUR OWN Success Story!

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After 5 Month's In Business
Hempworx Disclaimers

*Income Disclaimer:

There are no guarantees regarding income from the MyDailyChoice/HempWorx opportunity. The success or failure of each affiliate, like in any other business, depends on each Affiliates skillset and personal effort. Earning levels for Independent Affiliates are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Affilaite's business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors.
                                               The Power Of 2

                                   Every Affiliate Can Get Two People That
                    Are Interested In Starting Their Own Business!

​​Our System Gives You The Power of Leverage. You can Leverage the Power of a Team, Grow Residual Income And Use The Power Of Duplication To Build Your Business With Our Free Marketing System!
The power of  2 is a plan designed to help you become a Super Affiliate in one year and gain all the benefits that go with this top position in our company.

You can get to the Top Rank in MyDailyCoice in one year, by bringing in only two new affiliates in your first month that can do the same the following month.
Here's an overview video that covers the power of 2 success plan!
The Power Of 2!

How To Get Super Affiliate Rank in 12 Months Recruiting Only 2 Affiliates.

The Power Of Two Success Plan

You Can Start Your 12 Month Success Plan TODAY!

It does not matter if you have been an affiliate for a while or you are new, you can start your 12 month plan today.

You bring in two people that become affiliates this month, they will do the same thing you just did the following month. Each new team member must commit to bringing in two people each!

FAST START SUCCESS... Get 2 Affiliates In Your First Month!
In Order For This To Work Everyone Must Bring In Two Affiliates Their First Month.
The Power Of Two Success Plan can make you highly successful in one year if everyone commits to getting two people in their first month.

Example Of Everyone Getting ONLY 2 New Affiliate Team Members In Their First Month.

This Example Is Getting Two Affiliates!

1st      Month -      You Get   =       2    New Affiliates
2nd    Month          2 Get 2   =       6    New Affiliates
3rd     Month          4 Get 2   =       8    New Affiliates
4th     Month          8 Get 2   =     16    New Affiliates

5th     Month       16 Get 2    =     32   New Affiliates
6th     Month       32 Get 2    =     64   New Affiliates
7th     Month       64 Get 2    =   128   New Affiliates
8th     Month     128 Get 2    =   256  New Affiliates
9th     Month     256 Get 2    =   512  New Affiliates
10th   Month     512 Get 2    = 1024  New Affiliates
11th   Month   1024 Get 2    = 2048  New Affiliates
12th   Month   2048 Get 2    = 4096  New Affiliates
                                                   8192 Affiliates On Your Team!

The Power Of 2 System Directions To Super Affiliate In One Year.

1. Bring in 2 affiliates in one month.
2. Teach your 2 affiliates to do the same.
3. Repeat the process.
* This example shows affiliates only, it does not include customers orders.
* Each affiliate purchases 2 director packs in the first month.
* Each affiliate purchases 1 director pack in the following months.

                              How to Sign Up for Hempworx

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